Project SMART is a digital learning initiative founded by Anil Mathew.SMART is an acronym for Study Materials Accessed and Readily Transferred. Primary objective of Project SMART is to provide digital learning materials to the learners FREE OF COST. Digital contents include educational software, documentaries, movies, e-books, audio books, infographics, simulations, animations, research papers, photos, notes, guides etc. Project also aims to provide various training programmes for learners and teachers, which will enable them to face the challenges of tomorrow. Our motto is LIVE.LEARN.LEAD.

                We are not funded by any government bodies or NGO’s. We are not registered.  We are a movement and work in an unique way. Project is 100% volunteered. We pool resources that are copyright free or which are in public domain or contents released under Creative Commons (CC) license. Project is headed by the founder. And in each institution project has a project coordinator and a group of volunteers.


We strongly believe that every child has the right to education. And we want it to be free. The data is free because the project has compiled it from free and open sources. We can also help you to get sponsors for copyrighted materials.


All you have to do is to provide us a computer in your institution which can be accessed by the students. And the data will be installed or loaded to that computer. Thus students will be able to access and transfer the data. The project will need a Project Coordinator and a group of volunteers for the smooth functioning at the school. Data is free and always will be. We are not funded by any goverment bodies or NGOs, so it will be nice if you can meet the travelling expenses occured while reaching you. If you are within Palakkad city limit ( 10 km radius ) we wil be happy to do it for free. However this burden should not be a limiting factor for the project to reach the learners. If your institution is not in a position to meet this expense we will try to find a solution. We will do our best to reach out to all the learners and we are committed to our cause. Thank you.